Media contamination, EC meters

gutierrez-lagatta gutierrez-lagatta at
Mon Mar 18 01:44:12 EST 2002

Is there any possibility that you are utilizing media with composted
materials which could have been contaminated with one of the
herbicides which have recently been reported to not break down in the
composting process?  I know that peat moss is known to be a carrier
for pythium, which can be a serious problem for hydroponic growers
with recirculating systems.  I have never heard of this being a
problem for seed starting but I know of one extension service research
center with hydroponic systems which has discontiuned the use of
materials containing peat moss because of it.  Finally, I recall
reading that chlorine can impregnate certain types of plastics.  It
sounds like you have quite a mystery.
> 3)  Have any of you on this list ever had problems with
> from purchased worm castings, other seed starting mediums, or
> which affected your seed starting efforts or believe that this sort
> thing could happen?

On a seperate topic, I have never heard of EC meters used for testing
plant sap.  The  only tests I know using plant sap are Brix meters.


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