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> I did tire stacks also last year, until I learned that the heavy metals in 
> the tires can leach into the soil.  Have you ever had your soil tested 
> after 
> being in the tire stacks?  I'm curious if this leaching really does occur.

I have read a bazillion studies on tire leaching. I am NOT worried ;-) Tires 
get used a lot by municipalities.....sometimes ground up in water 
applications, in paving, etc. They have found no leaching.  I suppose it's 
possible, but how do heavy metals come out of rubber? The steel belting?

> Automobile tires are composed of carbon black reinforced rubber. Typical 
> composition of tires is 62% styrene butadiene copolymer rubber, 31% carbon 
> black, and other materials, such as extender oils, sulfur, zinc oxide and 
> stearic acid, which are present in smaller amounts. 

> One of the major concerns for scrap tire derived carbon is the presence of 
> leachable materials. Initial results of the U.S. EPA extraction procedure 
> and soxhlet extraction are very encouraging and show that the material is 
> essentially free of leachable chemicals.

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