Electro Conductivity Meters (EC) was Re: Tomato Nutrients

Allan Balliett igg at igg.com
Sun Mar 17 11:14:51 EST 2002

I've heard of some growers using the conductivity (EC) meters to 
analyze plant sap to determine nutrient needs and to determine 
whether the plants need more (or less) water. I've been told that an 
EC meter test on plant sap is really the only way to determine if 
irrigation is needed (replacing the finger in the soil test at our 

Anyone have any experience with using EC meters in this fashion?


Allan Balliett

>Hydroponic  growers measure and adjust their nutrients daily using
>electroconcutivity (EC) meters, which measure the amount of fertilizer
>salts in the nutrient solution.  It is similar to ppm but a more
>reliable and scientific measure.  To avoid the problems of heavy
>growth of foliage at the expense of fruit production a  special tomato
>nutrient formulation is used which is higher in K.  Often the
>formulation is changed during different stages of growth of the crop
>to enhance flowering or fruit set.  Until recently, common wisdom for
>tomato production was to set the EC at about 35, but current research
>coming out of England recommends doubling this level for better
>production and flavor.

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