Tomato Nutrients

gutierrez-lagatta gutierrez-lagatta at
Sun Mar 17 07:56:34 EST 2002

Hydroponic  growers measure and adjust their nutrients daily using
electroconcutivity (EC) meters, which measure the amount of fertilizer
salts in the nutrient solution.  It is similar to ppm but a more
reliable and scientific measure.  To avoid the problems of heavy
growth of foliage at the expense of fruit production a  special tomato
nutrient formulation is used which is higher in K.  Often the
formulation is changed during different stages of growth of the crop
to enhance flowering or fruit set.  Until recently, common wisdom for
tomato production was to set the EC at about 35, but current research
coming out of England recommends doubling this level for better
production and flavor.
> "It was recommended that the grower increase his nutrient
> concentration by almost 50% (from an EC of 24 to 34)"
> Could the person who made this statement clarify what he meant?


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