Fertilizing and tomato growth

WSM311 at aol.com WSM311 at aol.com
Sat Mar 16 23:28:20 EST 2002

> I would go easy on the soy meal if you are planting into a cover of
> spring peas.  N levels should be adequate.
Every time I've used soy meal in my garden, it killed more than it grew. 
Luckily I only put it in a few beds. It's awfully stinky, too.

I grow tomatoes in tire stacks...3 high for each plant. Each spring I fill up 
the tires with composted manure. I'm talking a couple hundred tire stacks. 
The plants like the warmth from the black tires and do very well in the 
composted manure. I have great tomato set and the vines do not go crazy.

Wendy   (wsm311 at aol.com)
Peace and Carrots Farm
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