Sungold splitting problems

Joan Vibert joan at
Sat Mar 16 08:26:57 EST 2002

> Recent readings have mentioned that tomatoes do not need a
> lot of fertility and are productive on poor soils.
I can prove that tomatoes DO NOT do well on poor soils - planted 1250 la
rossas one year and if I ended up with 200 - 300 pounds I'd be surprised!
and they were planted with bone meal, blood meal and alfalfa meal "in the
hole" and fertilized with fish and kelp once or twice, which is about all I
ever do with tomatoes.

I do plan to fertilize more regularly this year and would be interested to
know how frequently you all do this - will probably use the soy meal and
bone meal "in the hole" this year but they will be planted into a section
that is planted with spring peas right now for cover.

windwalker farm
ottawa, kansas 

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