Sungold splitting problems

Allan Balliett igg at
Sat Mar 16 08:07:43 EST 2002

>So..for you more traditional growers, it may be worth increasing the
>amount of nutrients you feed these plants.  In hydroponics, a higher
>level of nutrients is reported distort the leaves but at the same time
>it produces fruit with thicker skins and better texture and flavor.  I
>would assume the same would be true in conventional soil culture.
>Adriana Gutierrez

So, what and how do folks feed their tomatoes? I've always grown 
large (long!) starts and planted them into holes dug with posthole 
diggers. I've filled the bottom half of the hole with fairly raw 
compost. Recent readings have mentioned that tomatoes do not need a 
lot of fertility and are productive on poor soils. This is so 
contradictory to earlier readings (in which tomatoes were seeded 
right in raw garbage) and my direct experience.

I also like to apply fish and kepl foliar every two weeks.

Anyone find a good organic commercial fert for tomatoes?


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