cleaning plastic and market displays & loading

Joan Vibert joan at
Fri Mar 15 14:22:54 EST 2002

Beth - those are great little tips, especially the "no" stuff - we all
automatically say "can I help you" I think or will answer no to a question -
it will take some remembering on this one!  And its always bothered me that
even though I use nice woven tablecloths that the boxes and all under the
table still show and are unsightly.  In a previous life I was a designer and
sold at quilt markets where we really "did a booth" so I just thought I was
falling back into that old mode - I may double up my tablecloths and run
them front to back to do a better cover job.  I also think that people
really don't see things placed on the ground - they are looking table high.

I'd like to hear more from everyone about loading - truck, van, whatever.  I
think it was Del who mentioned that the tables went in last - which is what
I was trying to get to - but I always put them in first, then all the
supporting stuff - baskets, business tote, etc. and finally the veggies
because they usually don't go in till morning and I'm not about to load
everything else at that point.  But when I get to market all the veggies
have to be unloaded before I can get to what I need - that's why I'm
thinking of a trailer that would hold all the constants like tables,
baskets, and all and then put the veggies in the truck.  The only glitch to
that is that we installed a wonderful slide-out bed in the truck that makes
loading and unloading so easy but it wouldn't work with a trailer attached.
And I don't want to have to drop the trailer and all.

windwalker farm
ottawa, kansas

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