cleaning plastic and market displays

Hook Family guldann at
Fri Mar 15 06:24:02 EST 2002

Hi list, I have in the past put a few 6 packs (not beer) in the dishwasher,
I caution you to pre clean the pack of last years soil, the dishwasher
doesn't like it :).
I went to a great conference yesterday, Direct Marketing (for farmers).  I
really did get a ton of tips for my farmers market if any one is interested
I can drag out my notes and right a long list but here are 3
Table and area must be neat that may mean putting a skirt on table to cover
leg especially if they are saw horses.
Don't put stuff on ground any veg. displayed in a basket on the ground gives
the impression its not valuable sort of like a yard sale.
My favorite never ask a question the customer can answer no INCLUDING may I
help you?  Instead say "Hi, let me know if you need help" then backoff look
busy wait for them to then make the first move.  Their first move might be a
sort of stupid questions are these yellow tomatoes ripe?  Then yack up your
great tomatoes.
NEVER answer a question no.  Even if it is.  Do you grow X?  Well you don't
but don't say the word no, I guess from a psyc stand point the word is harsh
says sales over.  So say I think X are a great veggie and have been
considering giving it a try.  I suppose you could say oh I love X buy them
everytime I go to the health food store but they are a warm season climate
veg. etc.  You did not say the word no.

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