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Marcie Rosenzweig fullcircle at
Thu Mar 14 08:19:48 EST 2002

Hi Joan et al,

I, too, used conference tables in part, because they were heavy.  You 
are potentially putting a great deal of weight on the table when you 
display your produce and most folding camp tables just aren't made to 
hold that much poundage.

Your display selection criteria should probably be in this order:

1) Safety:  Your own and your customers
     No one wants a curious 4 year old to pull their chin up to table 
height and pull your display over on top of them.  you don't want 
your table to collapse on you while your setting up.

2) Flexibility:  you should look for "fixtures" that give you rhe 
greatest flexibility in as many foreseeable market situations as 
possible.  This includes large and smaller spaces as well as pack-in 

3) Looks and appeal:  If it's junky and can't be covered or you won't 
cover it, consider the message this puts out about your farm, your 
products and you.

4) Convenience or set-up and take down:  This may have more to do 
with your hauling set up, as Joan implied, than with anything else. 
We bought an old 18 passenger Ford van as our market vehicle after 
giving up on a 1953 pick-up.  We pulled the passenger seats out of 
the van and built a false floor using plywood and steel studs.  Our 
tables, umbrellas, umbrella stands, scales, boards, cinder blocks, 
shade cloth, sign holding conduit, etc. all stored under the floor in 
their own locations.  Baskets and other display ware had their place 
on top and there was a shelf to make stacking produce easier.  Our 
standard picking and display boxes were wooden-ended, cardboard-sided 
LA lugs with lids, so we could stack them in the van.

We used conference tables we had pre-drilled with umbrella holes on 
one side and holes for our conduit arch on the other.  We could 
set-up a two to three table display full of produce including 
umbrellas, signage, hanging scale and a second tier in front of the 
tables in 35-45 minutes -  less if there were more than one person.

Heavy tables?  Ask for and give help.  we're all in this together.

Marcie A. Rosenzweig
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