Cleaning cells

Marcie Rosenzweig fullcircle at
Thu Mar 14 07:53:04 EST 2002

Hi George, Judy, et al,

A very soft brush and a tub of any eco-friendly dish soap will remove 
most of the problems.  What works as a good sterilizer is plain ol' 
sunlight.  I wash my trays and prop them up with a southern slant so 
all the cels are exposed to the sun.  leave them for a couple of days 
then turn them over and let the other surfaces bake a while.

NOte:  This is not appropriate for surfaces in contact with with the 
final version of a food product ie tubs for washing salad mix etc. 
You'll want to use a strong oxidizer to thoroughly clean those tools. 
Chlorine bleach is common  but environmentally nasty.  Food-grade 
Peroxide or an ozone generator made for food, or certain ultra-violet 
light machies made for food will work for these.  Ask your local 
organic certifier for a list of products.

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