farmers' market displays

Ron Thiessen thiessenfarms at
Thu Mar 14 06:46:29 EST 2002

> I think some of the displays have potential.  I'm glad you turned us onto
> the designs.  There is one that is similar to what I've envisioned for
> coming season to hold the different varieties of SQUASH and shell beans we
> sell.


We used to sell winter squash in bushels sitting on the ground.
Then I  built sides for one of our regular display tables - out of plywood,
about 6" tall along the front, maybe 10" high along the back with sloping
sides to join them. The corners are hinged so it all folds flat for
transporting in the truck. It takes only a minute to unfold and place over
the table for set up. Then I set half bushel baskets on their side in a line
against the back of the table - I think there's room for about 7 of them.
Squash is placed in the table - it can't roll out because of the wood sides.
Arranged by colour  the squash looks very attractive "spilling out" of the
bushel baskets. Signs with prices and an explanation of the different
squashes are placed on sticks stuck into the bushels.
It's quick to set up and remove, looks great (we get many compliments from
customers and fellow vendors alike) and sales have increased dramatically.

Jordan Station, Ontario

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