Homemade 1 bushel salad spinner for $3.00. It works well!

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Thu Mar 14 03:24:58 EST 2002

Hey "market farming" list,

Not so long ago I mentioned on a post that I had heard somewhere about
someone making a salad spinner from a plastic laundry basket suspended by
string or light rope from an overhead support, wound up and released to
spin out the excess water.  I said I wanted to give this a try sometime.

Several weeks ago I found the basket I was looking for at "Roses"
department store.  It was about 18 inches in diameter and 12 inches deep
with a one inch open grid pattern around the sides.  Cost: $1.00 each.  I
bought two of them.  Estimated capacity a little less than one bushel.

I nested them together and turned the inside one slightly so that the
grids crossed and reduced the grid pattern to 1/2 inch.  Then I cut three
pieces of 1/8" thick nylon cording (the type commonly used to make
macrame plant hangers or venetian blind cords) six feet long.  I tied the
cords to the rim of the two nested baskets at evenly spaced intervals and
then knotted the three ends together about 5 feet above the basket,
making sure the basket hung level when held by the overhead knot.  I hung
this from a heavy nail banged into a rafter in the tool shed so that the
basket was suspended about 2 feet above the ground, a comfortable loading
height for me.

I then loaded er up with batches of freshly washed mesclun mix and
spinach from my hoophouse, wound it up and gave it a whirl.  It worked
remarkably well.  I wound it up two or three times in opposite directions
with each wind and would roll or fluff the contents by gently shaking the
basket between spins to get most of the water out.

The bottoms of the baskets are solid and I considered making drain holes
with a drill but after playing with it a few minutes I decided this is
not really necessary as the centrifugal force of the spin slings most of
the water out.  Holes can always be made later if needed.

Without ever having used one of the "over $200" versions available at
Johnny's, I would say it works about as well as long as you don't try it
in a kitchen.

Marlin Burkholder APS

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