Pasture conversion/solarizing

sunnfarm at sunnfarm at
Wed Mar 13 09:46:10 EST 2002

If you put clear plastic over rose it will punch a hole throw it and grow better than ever, I use my 3 point rotatiller and go over the rose very slowly, a few passes completely destroys the roots.

Many years ago I rented a pasture lot behind a dairy barn, the land was mostly an 8 acre holding lot during milking, it received very large amounts of manure and by the time I got it the land had the thickest greenest sod imaginable, took 24 months to decompose, the most productive land I ever farmed until a wealthy investor bought it to build his dream mansion on it, if you should ever find a piece of land like this don't rent it, BUY it..Bob.
Sunny Meadow Farm
Bridgeton, NJ. 

>Has anyone ever successfully used clear plastic and solarizing to get rid
>of multiflora rose?
>Thanks. -Ted Patterson

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