Farmers' Market displays

Joan Vibert joan at
Wed Mar 13 08:27:33 EST 2002

I, too, have been heading toward lighter-weight tables - had been using
those god-awful conference tables made from particle board that weigh a ton
- especially, as Del says, at the end of the day.  My husband took the
hardware off of them and reattached it to hollow core doors and I now have
tables I can pick up with one hand (by the pre-drilled handle hole).  I also
have been buying the camping folding-type tables from wal-mart, which are
also nice and lightweight and are easier to stow away in the truck.

I spend so much time loading and unloading every Friday and Saturday that
I'm thinking of pulling a covered trailer this season and just leaving all
the display stuff, tables, etc. in there from week to week.  I take lots of
nice baskets and enamel ware for display and its a pain to load every week.

windwalker farm
ottawa, kansas

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