Pasture conversion/solarizing

Ted Patterson patters at
Wed Mar 13 07:02:03 EST 2002

Has anyone ever successfully used clear plastic and solarizing to get rid
of multiflora rose?
Thanks. -Ted Patterson

At 4:08 PM -0800 2/14/02, Michael McGuire wrote:
>You might try solarizing the soil.  After a good rain or irrigation, and
>with the area recently mowed, spread a clear plastic sheet over the area
>you want to cultivate, and bury the margin all the way around, "sealing in"
>the plot.  It gets hot and steams up under the plastic pretty quick.  It
>will kill all vegetation, almost all of the weed seeds, and most microbes
>in the top inch or two (which very quickly recolonize).  Depending on
>temperature, sunlight, etc, it would probably take a month in the summer
>and 2-3 months in the spring or fall.  The main problem is finding clear
>plastic sheets that are big enough for the area you want to clear.  One
>would be hard pressed to do an acre at a time this way--but you can do long
>rows fairly easily and expand your cultivated area stepwise over time.  It
>leaves a nice, clean area free of competing vegetation.

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