Farmers' Market displays

Michaele Blakely mjb at
Tue Mar 12 14:27:20 EST 2002

Second page....

Looking at these displays a few thoughts come to mind which may or may not
be a problem for you.  They would be for me.

It looks like these things would take up a lot of space to haul.  Space is
at a premium in our vehicles and everything needs to be uniformed so that we
can pack as tightly as possible.  Space at the booth is also a premium, and
while cute they take up a lot of space.  As you are placing your displays
think about traffic flows and how your booth feels to you if you were a

None of the compartments look too deep.  How much produce would they hold.
Would you need to refill so often that you lost sales if you got too busy
and it was empty and couldn't get to it in time?  That's a big factor at our
booths.  We have two people selling and one just refilling to keep
containers full and looking nice.  Empty containers with a full box
underneath just breaks my heart!!

I think some of the displays have potential.  I'm glad you turned us onto
the designs.  There is one that is similar to what I've envisioned for this
coming season to hold the different varieties of squash and shell beans we

Okay back to work.

Growing Things

> I think some of this stuff could be home built.
> Thanks Beth

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