Farmers' Market displays

Michaele Blakely mjb at
Tue Mar 12 14:19:22 EST 2002

Hi Beth,

I'm stalling I should be out working, or at least checking on the chickens.
Rainy and windy today and I can't find my raingear.

I think whatever you do you should take into account the type of customers
you have shopping at your market and then what type out of those you want to
attract. We try for sophisticated funk for most of our markets, however at
one that doesn't work so the display is scaled down with food just piled
onto the tables in heaps.  Also we have to take into account the size of our
booth size.  Most are 10x30 so we go deep in an L shape with another table
parallel to the L but set back abit to let people in.  Not much for front
display but we don't have to do that anymore to attract customers.  Our
baskets and boxes are now a mishmash of old stuff that looks funky except
for the boxes that handle veggies that need either ice or water to maintain
freshness.  Those are made of pine with stainless steel bottoms with a grid
of holes in them for drainage.  Tables are hollow doors set on lightweight
sawhorses with vinyl covers.  I'm not sure what the vinyl is called, but
it's heavy duty stuff that I've had for ten years now.  It's easily wiped
off at the end of the day.  A throw in the washer everyonce in awhile makes
them gleam.  Most of our tables are tiered.  We set our tables back from the
aisles so that we can set up more food in front of the tables.

Growing Things

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