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Fri Mar 8 10:40:20 EST 2002

We have product liability for our goods, fresh and processed which covers
people getting sick and general liability for people getting hurt in our
booth at events (farmers markets, shows etc).  We pay $550 per year.  Cost
is based on gross sales with a minimum payment (the $550.) it is through
American States Business Insurance a SAFECO Comany.  Their main address is
SAFECO Plaza, Seattle, WA 98185-001.  They might be able to give you an
agent in your area or you can call your independent agents to find one who
represents them.  There is also a company called K&K? which does Insurance
for Farmers Markets and vendors.  A little more expensive per year but they
do have a 6 month policy and single event policy.  Sorry I don't have their
number.  I don't know if either of these cover the farm but I am presuming
they would cover a Market stand on the farm.  We also have a Farm & ranch
policy through State Farm to cover the farm.

Hairston Creek Farm

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