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> more than the $300-$500 liability insurance premium. As saying goes,"It's 
> not about you." It is about money

I have been trying to find affordable insurance for our farm for a number of 
years, let alone product liability, I had to drop mine when the preimum 
reached $ 3600 for six months, just for liability for the farm.  We cash rent 
the main farm out, 220 acres, and have kept the ground that no one wants to 
pay rent for, rough ground and timber.
We happen to live on a very high traffic highway and would like to build a 
permit location on this highway for a marketing stand, but the insurance has 
been estimated at $1700 for a six months period, that is a lot of sweetcorn 
to pay for this.

We have never had a claim of any kind on our farm or business but I have not 
been able to find affordable insurance.  I am a wit's end on this insurance 
issue,  I can not find anyone thaqt will insure us for this kind of sum.  At 
least once a month I have someone differnt figure a plan for us, it always 
come's around the area of $600 to $750 a month, take that times 12 and it is 
a lot money out of the household.

Heath Insurance is also very bad for the self-employed our's run's around 
$3200 a year,  there has to be a limit as to how mush money can go out of a 
household for insurance.  We heat with wood so fire Insurance is out of the 
question, even though the furnace was put in by code, they still will not 
insure our house.  Last year only one house in Iowa burned by a malfunctioned 
wood stove they claim that it is not safe to heat with wood. 

Sorry got off the subject of market farming!

Phil from Iowa.
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