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Wed Mar 6 18:50:38 EST 2002

The liability we are getting is for the Farmers' market Association - General liability and slip and fall - but when I start selling I will add to my homeowners - I think we will encourage vendors to have this insurance.

 - we have a local family that LOOOOVVVEES to litigate - they sued the poor guy that built their house for a tile that was 1/4 inch off - their only acceptable solution was to retile the entire bath.  Then they sued the school for calling them when their kid ran a fever - their premise?  It is the school's responsibility to take care of the kids during the day.....With people like that in the world I feel you need to be insured.  I don't want to run up huge legal fees protecting my property because our society allows people like this to have this hobby.  Even though they don't win.....If they win once they still force the defendants to hire lawyers and pay court costs.
 Heaven help a vendor with a tomato that was under ripe!
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