thinning radishes

Marienne Kreitlow marienne at
Wed Jun 26 10:15:43 EDT 2002

Adam wrote:

> >I was curious to know the thinning routine some others use on beans, radish,
> carrots, etc...

I've always thinned my radishes after the third leaf appeared, to about 2"
apart.  It's interesting - at least to me - that I'm now planting the same radish
here in MN that I planted in TX, but down south, when properly thinned, they made
nice globes.  Here, no matter how they're thinned, they're elongated.  Still
taste as good (we eat all these ourselves), just different shape, so it doesn't
bother me.  Just curious.

Jerry Ford
Hei-Low Farm
Howard Lake, MN

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