Chris Sawyer css at
Sun Jun 23 10:06:22 EDT 2002

I know of several folks around here doing it on a small scale.
Cultivated ginseng fetches a much much lower price and it is prone to
disease. I would wild craft it on your place if I were you and not get
into cultivation. Black cohosh seems a more likely crop. They both like
the same sort of conditions and Cohosh is more likely to 'take off'
given the latest research going on in Europe. The folks I know of doing
it are not my best buddies and I think they are out in left field so I
won't pass on their names, but a search in Google would reveal them I

pam at wrote:

> Jerry,
>         > Is anyone on the list growing Ginseng?
> I haven't tried it myself, but Andy Hankins at Virginia Tech is an
> extension agent working on alternative crops, and he has info
> about it. <ahankins at>
> Pam
> Twin Oaks community, Louisa, Virginia
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