Kobuta vs John Deere tractors

Peter Worsley pwors at svn.net
Thu Jun 20 19:00:22 EDT 2002

I have a New Holland TC33D, 33 hp 4wd, with loader, tiller, and toolbar
for hilling discs, ripping bars, misc. sweeps, etc. The tractor is just
about a year old. I bought it because it is a "Boomer" model, with
"Supersteer", which means that after the front wheels are turned all the
way, the front axle begins to pivot, giving me an extremely tight
turning radius. I use it for everything imaginable, borrowing a flail
mower, rotary mower, box scraper, and post hole auger when necessary. I
spread manure from the bucket with a fork or shovel. Also do all my own
maintenance. The manual is great.   Peter

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