Contract growers wanted

Brian Marshall bmnobbs at
Wed Jun 19 18:28:34 EDT 2002

> goodows at writes:
> > Granted, the website assures us that this co-mingling will never ever
> > happen, but Monsanto, Avantis et. al. also assured us the same thing and
> > they were dead wrong.
> There is a concept called the Precautionary Principle, which is based on the
> idea that until something is proven safe, you cannot assume it is safe.  We
> have traditionally assumed things were safe until a disaster proved 
> otherwise...
> Marj
Please re-read what we actually say on the site. Yes, this is NON-FOOD
genetic engineering.-- But NO, we do NOT assure you that co-mingling will
not happen. The main reason for our existance is to try to enable the
ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY of what we see as being inevitable, i.e. that, given
the human and animal health benefits [ outlined on our site], people will
grow these crops. As we state in our Mission, Database and ForPharma
pages, we want, and will try to help enable, these crops to be grown in as
safe a way as is possible, both to the food chain and the environment. We
invite you to join our database to try to enable this.

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