Willie McKemie mckemie at austinfarm.org
Mon Jun 17 12:04:05 EDT 2002

> couple of years, I've had white-to-tan colored spots of discoloration on
> top of the older leaves. Since I pick the savoyed leaves individually
> with scissors over a period of several weeks from a planted bed (for
> sales to high-end restaurants), each leaf must be nearly perfect. This
> discoloration has cut my yields considerably. I'm convinced it is due to
> one (or more) of 3 things- sunburn, abrasion from the row cover in high
> winds, or some fungus (white rust??). Anybody had experience with this?

Probably not white rust.  White rust starts as white spots on the 
undersides of the leaves.  As it progresses, it becomes visiable on the 
tops of the leaves and eventually causes the entire plant to yellow and 
look puny.

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