Odd growth in tomato plants

Martin Koenig koehoe at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 17 01:06:54 EDT 2002

Anyone with an answer to this one has my deepest gratitude as I am
totally puzzled by it and have never seen it before,  Many of my
tomatoes have develped (or are in the process of develping) a cluster of
tomato flowers at their growing tip and are beginning to form a tomato
there.   On several of them, the stem has thickened as well.  I have
noticed that It has not happened on any of the cherry tomato varieties.
I am growing these tomatoes in hoop houses and it is happening in each
one of them.  I have grown tomatoes in one of these hoop houses for the
past two summers with great success.  Anyone have any ideas what might
be causing this?  Otherwise, the plants look extremely healthy, went in
as very healthy transplants and have been in the ground for about 3-4

Margaret Hoeffel
Blue Moon Farm
Vashon, WA

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