Alex McGregor waldenfarm at
Sun Jun 16 16:42:22 EDT 2002

G & M Agricultural Supply carries all kinds of agricultural fabrics.
They sell row covering in all the widths available and will cut rolls
in  (I believe) 100' increments.  Or sell the whole 1,000' rolls.

I've bought row cover from them and the owner is extremely knowledgeable
and helpful.  When I called the first time to ask about their row cover,
he understood when I explained about a previous brand I had tried that
was stiff and abraded the leaves.  His recommendation worked great.  he
also called back later that day and left a message confirming that he
was shipping that day.  Service!

He also sells greenhouse plastic and shade cloth in custom dimensions
(among many other things- flats & pots, greenhouses, supplies...).  He
says his market niche is market growers too small to buy in huge
quantities.  I can't say enough good about the information and service I

Contact Info:
5301 N 82nd St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85250

Alex McGregor
Walden Farm

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