Insurance for Farm Delivery Vehicle?

Allan Balliett igg at
Fri Jun 14 05:38:26 EDT 2002

>We have used GIECO for twenty years or more.  However, we have never
>specifically looked at the delivery issue though that is and has been
>the primary use of most of our vehicles.  I eagerly watch for more

You'll probably find that neither your vehicle nor your cargo are 
actually covered by GEICO is you are using them in a 'business 
activity' that you are not specifically insured for.

This is what I found out about USAA. Furtheremore, however, it 
appears that they have no interest in insuring my truck for farm use. 
They are dropping it from the policy at renewal time and have, in the 
meantime, 'forbidden' me to use it for 'business use.'

So, check with GEICO and then hope along with me that someone has an 
affordable answer for this situation!


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