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> I was more curious as too whether anyone has heard of a ground cover for the
> average lawn. 

I'm looking into this, too, partly because I'm tired of mowing and partly 
because mowers really pollute the environment.  Clover is supposed to be 
nice, but it does attract a lot of bees.  This is good for your crops, but if 
you have kids who like to play in the yard, it might not be so good for them.

If you do an online search, you will find many other options.  One is to 
plant a meadow of wildflowers.

One thing I have done is to mow for half the time I normally would and let 
the grass I don't get to in that time grow.  I've been rewarded with clumps 
of blue-eyed grass (actually an iris) and bluets and lots of insects for the 
birds.  The longer grass has also have provided safe haven for at least one 
little brown snake.  :-)  Something else, when the wind blows the grass looks 
really pretty!  Reminds me of a wheat field.

I don't think my neighbors share my appreciation for the longer grass.  ;-)  

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