farming in the heat

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Mon Jun 10 18:02:32 EDT 2002

We work the mornings 7 to noon and then tell the hired workers to go home, or 
they can come back in the evenings and work if they need the hours (6 til 9 
pm). It's not good to harvest herbs in the heat of the day. Prolly applies to 
other crops, too.
I have to tell you this story.
We hired Cambodians to help us hand harvest a seed crop in October. It was an 
85 degree day and I was in shorts and a tank top and wide brimmed straw hat 
(I was tempted to go down to my sports bra but I thought they might be 
offended by that :-))
The men and women in the crew had on
insulated winter coats( the quilted kind)
what looked like summer dresses draped around their necks
heavy gloves
big straw hats
long pants- heavy ones

I was dying and finally asked them "How can you stand all that clothing 
on-don't you feel like you're going to pass out?"
"It is only hot for about 15 minutes until you begin to sweat. Then we feel 
cool under the clothing."
Have never tried myself!
Oak Camp Herb Farm

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