farming in the heat

Nan Johnson nan at
Mon Jun 10 18:46:31 EDT 2002

After years of straw hats and caps, I invested in a special shade hat with a removable drape around it (lightweight, sunproof material) from SunPrecautions (a company for folks who have high risk of skin cancer - these are considered medical devices)

...Hat cost $37.00 but considered it a sound investment and of course, I don't lose it the way I did the cheap straw hats, etc.  Doesn't blow off, etc.  I look goofy but who cares....

They are also sell special shirts, pants, socks, etc.  Check them out at   They will send you their 47 page catalog for free.  

Thanks, Liz for tip about drinking BEFORE going out, I forgot that! 
nan j.
dancing goats farm
n. mississippi

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