Farming in the Heat

M McGuire Michael.McGuire at
Mon Jun 10 18:52:06 EDT 2002

Heat stroke can be fatal.  There are liability issues there.

I have worked with farmers in a number of different poor countries and 
often they are in the field before sunup and take up to 4 hours off in the 
afternoon for a hearty meal and a nap in the cellar.  That leaves them 
refreshed for 4 hours of hard working in the late afternoon and early 
evening.  That schedule poses difficulties in a country like the U.S.

On my farm we work until 1 or 2 and then I do paperwork and run errands 
after a late lunch.  Evening is family time.

Anyway, that's my two bits.

>No one has mentioned this, so it's probably understood, but it is vital to
>have plenty of water out there and to be sure everyone is drinking enough of

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