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Tue Jun 11 00:40:06 EDT 2002

Funny,  I was just out there farming in the heat and thinking about the same things...

When it gets this hot I also do the "start early and take a midday break" routine.  Starting early means sunrise,  before 6:00 a.m.   I come in for a short breaks every so often,   then take a long lunch break from about twelve to about two.  I don't make the teenagers who sometimes help me stay out too long, they aren't used to the sun.  I think that  people who are constantly out in the sun and heat  build up a high tolerance,  and we can stay out there longer than others.  
My kids definitely prefer to work in the evenings,  and I can get a lot more out of them then!  
(I just can't convince them to get out there at 6:00 a.m....)

If I hire a teenager to pick beans or such,  I  tell them to come  before 9:00 or after 7:00 pm,  they are much more likely to come back again.

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