garlic scapes

Hook Family guldann at
Mon Jun 10 08:07:59 EDT 2002

Sandra, first Kris is right if ya can't ask a question how will you learn.
I had scapes for the first time last year because it was the first time I
planted hardneck garlic.  Softneck garlic has no scapes (experts may feel
free to correct me).  Anyway all garlic does not send up shoots.  The funny
thing is I have no scapes yet.  I am sure some of the saved garlic was
hardneck, maybe I am just behind a bit such a rare thing :).  Beth
Scapes are the shoots that will come up in the centre of the plant. The
will curl and have a a flower (seeds) if not broken off after the curl makes
one full turn. They should be broken off for the garlic bulb to properly
( something to do with the enzymes).
And there are no dumb questions; just dumb answers -sometimes !!!
Good luck
Blue Heron Farm

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