Reason article

Adam Hainer anhainer at
Sun Jun 9 16:01:16 EDT 2002

I would like to raise the points in relation to this quote: "The greatest
catastrophe that the human race could face this century is not global
warming but a global conversion to ‘organic farming’--an estimated 2 billion
people would perish."

Let's remember how inefficient our current diet is. For every tropic level
you go through you lose about 90% of energy. So meat eating is incredibly
inefficient compared to just simply planting to grain and feeding it to the
starving populations of the world. If meat eating was reduced we would have
plenty of food, once again assuming there is no transportation problems and
the mere fact that we don't give food away.

Also conventional meat farming is very dangerous to humans, the animals, and
the environment. Incredible amounts of inputs that could be used more

I am not advocating organic meat farming as an alternative but simply a
reduction in world wide consumption ratios.


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