Containing Raspberries...

Adam Hainer anhainer at
Sun Jun 9 15:41:11 EDT 2002

FIve gallon buckets sound like a good idea for a couple small plots but I'm
looking for advice on some 70 or 100 ft. rows of them. What do berry growers
do? Just deal with the invasiveness and do a whole hella of alot of work
keeping them in line?


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I liked the idea of 5 gallon buckets - do you think it is too late to plant
raspberries?  We had our last frost (I hope....) a bit over a week ago.

                                    Jill, Wisconsin

> i use 5 gallon buckets for my raspberries.  They grow like little weeds
> in 'em, but can't get out to spread all over creation.  Another good idea
> I saw on Square Foot Gardening, lo these many years ago, is suckers that
> pop up where you don't want them, cut off at ground level.  Eventually
> they will die out.
> Heather R

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