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Jill Taylor Bussiere jdt at
Sun Jun 9 09:09:02 EDT 2002

Thanks for the reference.  Yes, Bailey, the author of  Ecoscam: The False
Prophets of Ecological Apocalypse, is indeed an advocate of private profits.
Note below, the part set out - advocating private management of resources.
Bailey, the noted (or notorious, to some ecologists) author of Eco-Scam!
          (1993), here enlists a dozen scientists to explain what is and
isn't known
          about the changing environment. Contrary to this year's silver
jubilee of
          Earth Day sloganeering, the atmosphere is cooling, not warming;
          population is not outstripping food production or most material
          however, the activists are correct about tropical deforestation
          overfished oceans. The question is how to ameliorate problems. The
          prominent green organizations adhere to regulatory and

          whereas this set of writers favor the private management of
          resources, believing that to be the path to green benefits and

          Prescriptions aside, this info-rich work is crammed with tabular
          data about biodiversity, pesticides, and air quality and is
supported by a
          guarded, footnoted text. As its views compete with those published
by the
          Sierra Club and Worldwatch Institute, among others, libraries may
want to
          include this book in their acquisition plans, which BKL's Earth
Day feature
          [Ap 1 95] might guide. Gilbert Taylor

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