Garlic Scapes

Alex McGregor waldenfarm at
Sat Jun 8 00:14:41 EDT 2002


I sell garlic scapes for $1.50/ doz. retail and $6/ lb. wholesale to

Education has been the key to creating a demand.  I tell everyone to use them
as they would garlic cloves.  And I tell them that they're really good raw,
chopped and added to cold salads (pasta, bean...).  I got a restaurant
interested by taking some samples with their order and having the kitchen staff
taste them raw.  They all commented how good they were and started coming up
with ideas on how to use them.

I'm in a metropolitan area of about 150,00.  There was no demand because no one
in this part of the US had ever heard of them.  Again, spending the time to
talk to people created the market.  (And it's extra income!  We cut them off
anyway to increase the garlic head size.)

Good luck, and hang in there.

Kris Chand wrote:

> Alex
> Up here on Vancouver Island, folks have not realized how good the scapes
> are. We are trying to educate and develop the market for them. How much do
> you sell yours for ? and what kind market is there per 10,000 population/
> By the way, scapes make a fabulous curry dish a la Indian style. Make sauce
> like you would for any vegatable curry dish, then use scapes chopped about
> an in long.

Alex McGregor
Walden Farm

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