Willie McKemie mckemie at austinfarm.org
Fri Jun 7 06:17:05 EDT 2002

> What are you using for fertility in your okra plantings? Do you side 
> dress throughout the season? Do you use foliars? If so, what, how 
> much and how many, er, or how often?

For the past few years, I have been making an annual winter application 
of turkey litter, maybe 1-2 tons/ac.  No foliars.  If the plants start 
looking puny, I will make an application of nitrogen, usually urea, 
46-0-0.  Or maybe ammonium sulfate or nitrate.  Ammonium sulfate if I 
think I need to lower the pH.  I don't believe I've ever made more than 
one nitrogen application per season.  Something like 50-100lb of N per 
acre.  Many times the okra follows tomatoes which are given around 
400-500lb/ac of something like 16-16-16 preplant in addition to the 
turkey litter and then additional N, so there is residual fertility.  
I would like to be able to say that I do regular soil tests, but I 

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