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 I have been using PreSun Ultra Sunscreen by Westwood-Sqibb SPF 30. It is a gel and does not feel greasy at all. Waterproof. 
I also wear a sun hat, woluldn't go without it. You can get great straw hats at K-Mart for around $5.99, in the mens department. They have a chin strap which can be put under your pony tail and pulled up tight to fight the wind blown hat syndrome. Of course if you don't have a pony tail you can go with the under the chin way, but that bugs me. 
As a nurse I would not recommend using olive oil since it does not have any sun blocking properties, so it will not protect you from the burn despite the anti-oxident value it has. If you do get a burn use some pure Aloe Vera gel and then don't forget to wear the sunscreen and hat the next time! 

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