Garlic Scapes

Alex McGregor waldenfarm at
Thu Jun 6 23:28:03 EDT 2002

Cut the scapes while they're still young and tender- while the bud is
still closed.  I cut them a few inches below the curl and bunch them in
dozens.  Label them as "gourmet" and they fetch a good price for not
much work.

I tell customers to use them just like the garlic cloves; and I stress
that they're easier to chop than cloves.  Use them for garlic butter, in
bean and pasta salads, or to flavor their favorite dish.  We steam them
on top of stir fry, also.

Allan Balliett wrote:

> It's that time of year here, already.
> Can anyone give me advice on harvesting scapes for market?
> Can anyone share recipes or use suggestions?
> I hear they are killer in soups.

Alex McGregor
Walden Farm

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