Willie McKemie mckemie at austinfarm.org
Thu Jun 6 11:44:37 EDT 2002

> On their site(Rejuvenating Okra is the publication), they recommend to
> cut the okra plant to a 6 " stub after the first heavy crop and market
> prices drop and let it regrow for a late crop.  Has anyone tried this and
> how long does it take for the plant to recover?

We grow about two acres of okra each year and try to keep it manageable 
by progressively cutting it back starting about the time it reaches 
shoulder height.  And it is producing more than I want to try to sell :-)
We try to cut back to about waist high about 5% of the plants per 
picking (each day).  We do this not to rejuvenate the plants, but to 
keep the pods within reach and keep the plants from falling over and 
blocking the aisles.  You didn't say where you are?  Here in Hell, I 
mean Texas, I see no need for mulch; we space about 6" to 1' in 5' rows 
and the okra soon shades out most of the weeds.  Picking traffic helps, 
too.  We hand weed for the first couple of months.

One planting produces continuous okra for us from about now until we 
get cold weather in perhaps October or November.  Six months or so.

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