Garlic Scapes

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Now is the time to harvest them. I cut them as close to the plant as
possible and cut when they have made a 360° arc.

They can stay out of refrigeration for hours without any noticeable
damage but if you have cold storage for them all the better. Mine
usually last 4 or 5 months in the fridge.

Last year I sold them in 1/2 pound bundles but this year I am selling by
the pound because we have about 3x more garlic garlic in the ground
scaping. I will give each CSA member a pound in their share today.

They are great in soups, stir fry and last night I put them in a rice
and black bean curry. I used about 5 scapes for a dish that would have
fed 4 hungry people and I think if I do it again I will use double the
amount. I tell customers to use them as they would garlic.

I also pickle them. Make a brine with a good vinegar, kosher or sea salt
(not iodized), water and any herbs you like-dill, chives, basil, oregano
etc.. I also like to put a TBL of a good curry powder into each quart
jar. Put scapes into hot jars fill with hot brine, put the lids and
rings on and than into a hot water bath for 45 minutes or so.

Allan Balliett wrote:
> It's that time of year here, already.
> Can anyone give me advice on harvesting scapes for market?
> Can anyone share recipes or use suggestions?
> I hear they are killer in soups.
> Thanks
> -Allan
> Loudoun Co, VA
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