"Vinegar as herbicide" research

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Thu Jun 6 01:25:50 EDT 2002

Hi Marcie,

I would be interested in getting the report posted on SANET from the
Maryland Dept of Ag about research with vinegar and lemon juice.

Last year I learned about a vinegar and lemon juice based product called
"Burnout" which was available through a local alternative ag supply
business near here.  At $80-$90 for 2 1/2 gal of concentrate intended to
be diluted to a 1-2 or 3 ratio, it still looked pricey to me. I called
the company and found out the concentration and realized that once it is
diluted it's not that much stronger in acetic acid content (7 or 8% if my
memory serves me correctly) than the stuff straight out from under the
kitchen sink.  So I threw a couple of gallons plus a quart of lemon
concentrate I squirrelled out of the refrigerator into my sprayer, headed
out to the garden, and had at it.  I would guess I had around $5.00 value
in the sprayer.

I sprayed an area that had mostly small emerging weeds less than 1" high.
 I got a decent kill on the galinsoga but the lambsquarters and pigweed,
though burned back some, soon recovered.  I did a similar thing several
weeks ago with straight white vinegar without the lemon juice but didn't
see all that much effect. I would like to try it again sometime with a
higher concentration of vinegar and the lemon back in.

I think I posted the results when I did it about a year ago

Marlin Burkholder
glenecofarm at planetcomm.net

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