pam at pam at
Wed Jun 5 17:01:32 EDT 2002

> Do you have to keep the different varieties separated?? I was warned
> that if I planted different varieties too close they would be bitter. 
> I'm planting new Stokes gourmet sweets 275A and 270A.  Want to add
> Silver Queen and a late variety.  Is Kandy Korn from Johnny's? Sandra
> Deidloff Rancho El Shadday Oklahoma  -- zone 6b
No, not separated. I make sure not to buy any Supersweets or 
shrunken gene varieties. I've forgotten all the different 
classifications, but seed catalogues usually tell what not to plant 
together. Our seed usually comes from Fedco Seeds in Maine, a 
co-op with friendly service, high ecological awareness and great 
prices on large size packets. Your "gourmet sweets" might well be 
the kind not to plant with Silver Queen or Kandy Korn.

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