Blackberry Question

Robert W Arnold rwa at
Wed Jun 5 17:52:01 EDT 2002

I put in some thornless blackberries this spring and they seem to be doing
great. They aren't doing a whole lot since it's the first season but the
ones that I am getting sure are good! :) I was reading about pruning them
once the shoots get about 3 feet and it said to do this in the summer. Am I
correct in assuming that I should wait till they finish bearing? Or will it
hurt them to cut the long shoots now. I have both Apache and Arapho and the
apaches shoots are clost to 4 feet now. I plan on taking the shoots and
rooting them for next year. If anyone has any info on best time to prune
them I would appreciate it.

Bridge Creek Farm
Robert and Shirley Arnold
Marianna, FL

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