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I'm trying light-colored, long sleeved cotton shirts for the arms and
wide-brimed hats for the heads this year (both mine and the kids).
I really wonder about the chemicals in the sunscreens and, like you said,
they make you feel hotter.   I remember my grandfather going out on the
tractor in the afternoon heat (before they had the AC cabs) and he always
wore his long-sleeve blue chambray shirt under the overalls.  I wonder if
the light blue helps feel cooler?  He claimed it was cooler than bare arms.

Marcy Nameth
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> Good morning!
> Looks like another 90+ day here.  Great for hay making, and the thought of
> all that sun brings up a question from us to the group:
> As farmers, we are in the sun almost all day, almost every day.  We know
> should use sunblock, but all the ones we have tried have a lotion base,
> as soon as you start sweating (sweat, farmers??!!), they make you feel
> hotter - as if they block the pores or something.  Do any of you have a
> favorite sunblock that is not lotion based ?
> Thanks!!
> Paul and Alison Wiediger
> Au Naturel Farm

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