Late frost and protecting crops with HAY? ASAP response...

Willie McKemie mckemie at
Mon Jun 3 16:00:27 EDT 2002

On Mon, Jun 03, 2002 at 08:22:35PM +0000, Ken Bezilla wrote:
> If you've got tall stuff, and you've got enough sprinklers, easiest thing is 
> often to run sprinklers -- start at, say, 34 (before it drops below 
> freezing) and keep the sprinkllers going until the air temperature's above 
> freezing again in the morning.

Best to keep sprinkling until the ice is gone.

Many years ago, I save some tomatoes by covering with hay.  Lotta work. 
Broke some plants, but no frost damage.

Micro sprinklers cost about $1 each.  You can run about 30 of them off 
of a hose bib and cover a strip about 6-8 feet wide and about 250 feet 
long.  Such a set up goes up much faster than hay.  Of course, you have 
to HAVE the sprinklers and be ready to go.

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