Cherry tomatoes/CSA havests

Hook Family guldann at
Mon Jun 3 07:35:16 EDT 2002

Leigh wrote:
How much time do I have available each morning to pick cherry
tomatoes as opposed to harvesting something else that my shareholders
will like just as well

Leigh I gather from your post that your CSA produce it boxed up and taken to
a delivery point?  If so that does change the equation of how you plant.
Part of our member's package is to have upick crops available.  And my
husband an I enjoy very much allowing these upicks to be pick as much as
you'd like.  Its an easy way to give those willing to work for it extra
bounty.  Those who only pick a taste that ok as well.  We are in the
ironic/fortunate postion of being located practically in the middle of
suburbia.  Heard new houses going up a stones throw from us starting to feel
like the guy who farms in California on a square of land surrounded by
houses :).
But when we aren't complaining about the increased traffic we realize we've
got a fairly good market.

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